Everyday Life About A Random Girl

Lalala, I'm getting so lazy

Hey guys, I'm sorry that I haven't been writing for the past 8 days.. I am just so so busy!~ I have finals and I'm just totally stressed! Anyways, just stopping by to say hello, and today was really really boring >.< But in my Health class, we were talking about sperms and eggs and we are going to present a movie about it in front of class. You have to pick a theme though. The boys were all like Sperminator or Spermatar or even Beauty & the Sperm! Awkward.. well, anyways..catch ya guys later! Also, wish me luck on my finals! >.<

First Day of Blogging

Ok, well, hello^^ First and foremost, thanks for coming to my site! I'm greatly pleased that you came on to my blog. Now get off! Ahaha, jst kidding. No rly. So, first off with the introductions. I'm a 12-yr old girl who is currently a Jr. Higher at ......... (not going to leave it for you creepy stalkers, haha) I like to enjoy the simplest things and I'm currently enjoying life the way it is right now. So, anyways, I think you know much about me (not rly), so moving on. Ok, so today, I had the weirdest substitute ever! I mean, so she was a sub for World History and she did a lot of stuff. Ok, so, she told us that World History is boring. I mean c'mon, why did she pick that career then? Then she said, anthropology is better. Then she's like, did you guys see the olympics? Then she's like Kim Yuna was good, Canada is good, then the victorian islands, then Avatar, then 3-d glasses! For the 3-d glasses, she's like, "It's like I can FEEL it." Then these guys are all like, you mean like THIS?" The guys acted like they were touching someone's boobs, and the sub's like, no, not like that, like THIS. One-handed babyy. And yeahh, after then she was sucking on the most BIGGEST granny apple eva. I'm not kidding, that apple was like the size of your face. So, yeah, then we went to our next periods and so forth. Anyways, the rest of the day is going to bore you, so I won't even bother to tell you guys. Anyways, I guess I did learn something from that sub. Never touch boobs with two hands, do it with one